Previous Talks

In the past four years we've had the privallage to host a lot of amazing speakers from all over the world. Below are a couple of our highlights from the talks given at our events


Wim Hof

Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder, more commonly known as the Iceman, due to his unique ability to withstand extreme cold. He is best known for his twenty world records including the longest ice bath, staying immersed in ice for over 1 hour and 13 minutes. He describes his ability as being able to “turn his own bodies thermostat up” through the power of his mind. Some of his other impressive feats are climbing to 7.3km altitude at Mount Everest wearing nothing but shorts. He’s also completed a full marathon above the polar circle in Finland wearing, yes you guessed it, nothing but shorts. Just through the power of his mind, he was able to run a marathon through the Namib desert without water. It’s been scientifically proven that Wim is able to directly influence his Autonomic Nervous and Immune System.

TEDxYouth@Maastricht 2015

Solomon OB

Solomon OB gives us a small taste of his amazing work. He went from having a full time job to deciding to work only 3 days a year, choosing living a life where happiness and satisfaction was the main goal is one of the most important decisions that got Solomon OB to experience one of the best years in his life.

TEDxYouth@Maastricht 2017


Leander Krawinkel

How do you view rap? How can it change your life? Revolutionising our ideology of rap and its connotations is the approach of United World College Maastricht student and rapper Leander Krawinkel. The “voice of the voiceless” becomes in its raw and accessible medium of rap, the best way of conveying one’s message to the world. Through the “robin hood of music” exploring the current events of American police brutality and the refugee crisis in Germany becomes an accessible reality. Rap is explored in its inner depths to understand the importance of the message and the potential it has to change the fabrics of society.

TEDxYouth@Maastricht 2016


And many more talks from our past events